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Making Financials a Little Easier for You & Your Family

May 20, 2016 | By | No Comments

All of us at Upperview Homes know that buying a home, whether its your first or just your next, is a financial decision that impacts your future greatly. What kind of home to buy? Where to live? Do we buy new or get a fixer-upper? These are the questions that usually kick start the process and, for many people, their thought process then goes to the financial side of things once the previous questions are answered.

The costs associated with making a home purchase can seem daunting. With the changes in the housing market, not to mention rules & regulations regarding down payments on homes between $500,000 & $999,999, homes can seem to be a considerable investment. However, you shouldn’t fear home-buying. In fact, you should embrace it! There are many ways you can save money after the fact, even after down payment, mortgages and taxes are considered.
The price of energy rarely comes up in the discussion and while that may seem to be just another cost, it actually doesn’t have to be. If factored in correctly, with the addition of energy saving measures throughout your home, you can actually lessen your additional costs – and in the process, make living in your home more affordable.

Doing your part to help the environment should be a top priority. If you’re looking to start a family or be a member of a strong community, taking energy saving measures to heart today will only have a positive impact on generations to come after you. Considering that these types of appliances are generally standard or can easily be added while speaking with your builder and/or contractor, you can make an additional investment today that will impact your tomorrows for years to come. With each dollar you save on your bill once installed, your investment will begin to bear fruit almost immediately.

You can also take advantage of LED lights in your home. Now that they have become much more affordable, how they look and their long-lasting performance (and how they perform against regular bulbs on your electricity bill) are a cost-saving mechanism you can definitely exploit to your advantage.
There are also numerous ways to receive a tax credit at all points of the home-owning process. Tax credits and rebates should be the first place you search for when making a decision to buy or renovate a house. Look, people just like you are taking full advantage of what’s available to them. Why aren’t you? Getting yourself into the starter home you imagined, or taking the equity you’ve built over the years into your dream home, is made all the easier when you look into the measures made available to you and your fellow Canadians.

Yes, saving energy is great for the environment. And, having the knowledge of what government programs and subsidies available to you can make you a popular guest at dinner parties when other people don’t know. But all of these measures also make the financially difficult decisions to buy a home a little easier. Once you’re armed with all of the ways you can maximize each dollar you’re spending, you can then maximize the comfort and enjoyment you get out of purchasing a home. At the end of the day, that’s what buying a home does for you and your family. Providing you with a comfortable place to call home while having peace of mind.

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